About ZZM


ZZmartins aka ZZM is an award-winning lead guitarist, composer and producer. He’s former guitarist of a Progressive Rock Band and  a World Music Band. Both with significance commercial success.

He launched the Mad Hatter E.P in 2012 in Ireland and won the category for Best Composer/Soundtrack (MRU music Awards). The E.P includes the Benfica’s Football Team Eagle Flight’s Anthem, composed and produced in 2008.(Golden Lion Award Winner in the Cannes Festival).

ZZmartins plays a wide range of styles (Blues, Rock, Jazz/Fusion,Funk, World Music and Metal).
He has done many live performances on TV, has been featured in head line concerts, toured around the world and has wide experience in studio recording.

In 2020 he has been nominated for Best Instrumental Performance for the IPMA AWARDS in the U.S.